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The medium of Virtual Reality is powerful. It is easy to see how it is a perfect solution to be training people in for a high-risk environment. It makes learning fun, safe and easy to accomplish!


We can recreate a near-endless possibility of environments, placing you in many virtualised, interactive scenarios without putting you in any physical danger. Virtual Reality is a great training medium for such dangerous situations as fire fighting, hazard evacuation, tunnelling and construction environments, and so much more!

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XRJV offer virtual reality fire theory training and hands-on virtual reality fire fighting courses, in which you use a real-world, depleted fire extinguisher, modified to interact with the virtual world, allowing you to feel the hands-on experience whilst interacting with our well-designed virtual fire scenario. 

First Aid Action also offers CPR, LVR and First Aid courses give you hands-on experience, using the best CPR manikins provided by our highly experienced, accredited trainer. 

Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training Course (VR)

Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - HLTAID001 (Non-VR)

Perform Rescue From A Live LV Panel - UETTDRRF06B (Non-VR)

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